Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow, are people worried about retirement!

I just did my first book talk for "Pension Dumping," at BookCourt bookstore in Brooklyn, N.Y., and judging by the tumult of questions from the audience, people are really, really scared about retirement. They are angry if their companies don't offer a pension and disdainful of 401(k) plans. After the shenanigans at Enron and Bear Stearns, they don't trust any investments. They are still furious at the politicians who tried to privatize Social Security. They want solutions. They asked me if I was optimistic. Not in the short term, I replied; neither politicians, nor corporate leaders -- nor ordinary people -- seem to have the courage to do what's needed to shore up retirement financing. But, perhaps counterintuitively, I am more hopeful for the long term, because I just don't think Boomers -- like me - are going to sit back and starve as we hit retirement age.

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Anonymous said...

You better check government retirements as compare to the private sector. Check the numbers from the Millionaire Next Door.

YoOu need to do better research.